Adieu, all traditional ways to the whole significant media world. It is the new sense where one can find news in sarcastic approach. So, get your taste in such a manner which neither dehydrates nor leave you in problematic stomach. All we can say that its a news which is without oil & masalas. Its fried with flavors only, so contribute and find the truth casually.


This website symbolizes political scenario with added gustakhis, Sports with silly balls, bounced business, Garma Garam Glamour and lots more in fry specials.

What is Politics here?

Whatever the politics is, it always seems Polite on first look. But if it is rude, if it is dirty, if it is destructive, it must be mirrored. You can find the mirror here only, just to catch the ‘Political Gustakhis’.

Why Sports seems Silly ?

Who bounced the Business ?

Where is Garma-Garam Glamour ?

When you get Fry Special ?